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The Bass Box By Rooneys Fishing Supplies is the perfect starting point for lure fishing to target Bass. With a handy selection of 3 soft plastic lure designs in 5 different colour-ways you can be sure this kit will become your go-to when targeting Bass. We’ve took it one step further and added our Rooney’s tried and tested hooks and lure clips - meaning you have all you need for that all important catch.


Comprising of:

10 x 5inch Paddletails

10 x 5.25inch Bulbtails

10 x 4inch Sticks

5 x 6/0 Twists

5 x 4/0 Twists

10 x Lure Clips

1 x Lure box (27x18x4cm)


Lure Colourways:

Pearl White

Pure White

Black Glitter


Khaki White