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Custom Lure Builder

Welcome to the Custom Lure Builder where you can modify the most popular FFSLures! models.

Use the drop down menus to choose you own bespoke colour colour and glitter combinations.

With so many colour choices it can be difficult to select the right one for you.  Different water and light conditions will dictate what to rig up on the day. 

Glitter will also affect the colour that it is added too, eg. adding blue glitter to Junebug will make the Junebug take on a blue hue.

Different top and bottom colours will also affect how each will appear.  Use this to your advantage by choosing contrasting colours for a bold lure to stand out or more subtle natural colours for tose wary fish.

Choosing the right colour for the waters you fish is also very improtant.

Use this handy guide to selecting colours and to stack the odds in your favour.

  • Dark

    • Coloured water

    • Low Light/Overcast 

  • Natural

    • Clear to Stained water​

    • Bright Conditions

  • Bright 

    • Coloured water​

    • When all else fails

All lures are made to order.  Custom Lures are made on Tuesdays and Fridays and posted once cured.


All lures in packs of 20

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